So Many Tie-Downs...Only ONE ProFlex!
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ProFlex MFG INC is the in house manufacturer of a durable and unique line of quality polyurethane flexible rope known as Proflex 1289.

ProFlex rope is manufactured using ProFlex 1289, a non-marring proprietary blend of polyurethanes. No rubber, cloth or fillers is used in any of our products therefore dry rot / cracking is not a concern.

ProFlex 1289 is unaffected by the ozone, oil, salt water, UV, most chemicals and carries an excellent nick and tear abrasion resistance.


Our proprietary blend of polyurethanes provides the customer guaranteed quality and dependability for their entire tie-down needs.

In addition to flexible rope we offer a large variety of hooking attachments for use with Proflex 1289. The only limitation is your imagination.

Proudly made in the USA

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