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Proflex 1289
Proflex 1289 is designed for any customer that does not  want to be restricted to pre-determined lengths for their tie-down needs.  Because of the quality, dependability and endless uses we serve all geographical regions both locally and internationally.

Whether you require a continuous spool of material or would like us to fabricate a smaller unit we will “stretch to meet your needs.”

100% American made polyurethane flexible rope.  A tensioning device used in a multitude of applications.

Available in 5 diameters:  3/16”, 7/32”, ¼”, 5/16” & 3/8”

Available in any length.  Most common are: 50’ spools, 100’, 200’ & 300’ spools.

Proflex 1289 should be used with approved flex rope ends only. To determine the correct length of rope to cut, measure the running distance from point a to point b.  Cut a maximum of 2/3 the distance.  I.E. if the overall length is 9 ft, cut the rope at 6ft.

100% American made

Because every application is unique please contact customer service for tech data.  Our in house quality control team will be able to provide tensile load in pounds at various elongations, cold weather tensile increase, and memory set under constant tension.  If we don’t have your answer we will get it for you!

  • Non-marring, non scratching proprietary blend of polyurethane materials
  • No rubber, no cloth, no fillers, no metal parts
  • Unaffected by the ozone, oil, salt water, UV, and most chemicals
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Superior nick & tear
  • Resistance to deterioration due to outdoor stressors
  • Great modulus retention
  • A stronger, safer product


4 standard colors:

  • Deep black
  • Royal blue
  • Cherry red
  • Canary yellow
  • (See product services for custom colors)


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