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About Us

Established in 1988, ProFlex MFG INC is the in-house manufacturer of a durable and unique line of polyurethane flexible rope. Unlike many manufacturers who job their work out, we pride ourselves in giving you, the customer, 100% hands-on product and information.

For over 20 years our mission has been to be the best manufacturer of a proprietary blend of polyurethane flexible rope tie-downs, as measured by our customers, associates & suppliers. Whether you’ve visited us before or recently found us, you’ll find that our way of conducting business is clean, simple and efficient.

Every product that leaves our door has been handled various times before being shipped. Combine this with the fact that every one of our employees has the right and authority to stop production at any time if there’s a quality concern, and what you now have are numerous silent partners looking out for your business and customers long before your goods are received.

ProFlex is dependent on your satisfaction. We see our relationship as being in business together, in a sense. Further, we sincerely welcome and encourage your comments and suggestions; whether good or bad.

If you want the best for your tie down needs please talk to us.

On behalf of everyone in our company, thank you for considering us.

Respectfully yours,

ProFlex MFG INC.

Why have our customers trusted us for over 20 years?

We stand behind our products. With state of the art equipment we’re able to test and retest to ensure that all products not only meet, but exceed industry standards. Our quality assurance team has the training and experience to assure your absolute satisfaction every time.

Customer service
Customer care and satisfaction is our highest priority. Your feedback and input is welcomed and valued.

Need a product fast? We maintain a large cutting edge inventory and generally ship within 1 – 2 business days.

We continually try to improve our products and means of production. In addition, our development teams continually work on new product development to manage any and all of your flex tie-down needs.

*** Safety First ***
Users are cautioned to employ appropriate safety equipment, including safety glasses. Product should be tested for every application prior to usage. Do not use if showing any signs of wear. Do not use to hold down items that can cause an airplane effect on a vehicle while driving. Above all, please use common sense when using any type of tie-down system.

Our Customers
Because ProFlex flex rope has endless uses, our customer base is extremely diverse. We build relationships with businesses and institutions of all sizes.
  • GOVERNMENT - Proflex 1289 and various hooking attachments is spec’d into and used by the United States Dept. Of Defense and the Canadian military.










Whether you require a continuous spool of material or would like us to fabricate a smaller unit we will “stretch to meet your needs.”

Proflex 1289 is designed for any customer that does not want to be restricted to pre-determined lengths for their tie-down needs.  Because of the quality, dependability and endless uses we serve all geographical regions both locally and internationally.   Whether you require a continuous spool of material or would like us to fabricate a smaller unit we will “stretch to meet your needs.”

Although ProFlex MFG INC manufactures and sells its own line of flexible rope, using Proflex 1289, the company also produces a number of OEM products for other customers. Your inquiry is welcomed should you be considering a product of your own design.

Ordering requirements:

  • Minimum order $50.00
  • Net 30 from date of invoice on approved credit
  • Visa or MasterCard

Packaging available upon request.



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